Toffee Crisp


The Toffee Crisp bar is a popular chocolate bar which is produced by Nestlé in the United Kingdom. It consists of puffed rice embedded in soft toffee and shaped into a cylinder, the whole bar being covered by milk chocolate.

Toffee Crisp chocolate bars were first produced in the United Kingdom in 1963. The bars were originally made by Mackintosh’s at their Halifax factory but in recent years are now made in a factory in Castleford in West Yorkshire. Toffee Crisp was due to move to Rowntree’s Fawdon factory in Newcastle. However, because of a fire at the Fawdon factory (the week before the final production run at Halifax), this didn’t happen. The staff at Castleford hurriedly reformulated the bar (unofficially because it wasn’t intending to make the bar on the extruded plant in Castleford) and the old-style bar which was made in metal moulds, changed into an extruded bar which allowed it to be made without the investment in a moulding plant. Toffee Crisp displaced Texan and Cabana confectionery bars. This factory first opened in 1970 supported by George Philips.

The Toffee Crisp is also well known for a series of British television advertisements in the 1980s/1990s – each ending with the strap-line “Somebody, somewhere is eating a Toffee Crisp”.

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