Terry’s Chocolate Orange


Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a popular British candy chocolate product, made by Kraft Foods, originally sold only in the United Kingdom, but now sold all across the world. It is a ball of chocolate mixed with orange oil, divided into 20 segments, it is similar to a real orange and wrapped in orange-colored foil. The segments are stuck together firmly and the traditional method of getting them ready to eat is to tap it on a hard surface to cause the segments to separate from each other. In the US market, where it has had a variety of importers over the years, it was briefly sold as a Tobler (maker of the Toblerone) product.
A spin off of the Chocolate Orange include Segsations which are individual segments of chocolate in different flavors – milk chocolate, puffed rice, honeycomb, cornflake, and a “double seg” of layered milk and dark chocolate.

Its history dates back to the 1920s, when the so-called “Chocolate Apple” was first produced, but the company has its roots in the 1820s. The orange was launched in the 1930s and was much more popular than the apple, leading to the apple’s phasing out in 1954.

The Chocolate Orange product is known for its unusual marketing, which is usually at its heaviest around Christmas. Famous marketing include the phrases “When you whack a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Good Things Happen” “tap it and unwrap it” (recently replaced with “whack and unwrap”), “It’s not Terry’s, it’s mine”, or “Don’t tap it… Whack it!” (showing British comedian Dawn French hitting the chocolate with a rolling pin). The more recent slogan to be used is “Round but not round for long”.

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