Cadbury Roses


Cadbury Roses are a selection of individually wrapped miniature candy chocolates, made by Cadbury UK that entered the market in 1938. They are named after the packaging equipment company that manufactured and supplied the machines that wrapped the chocolates, Rose Brothers (later Roses Forgrove), based in Gainsborough, England, who designed patented early packaging machines.

Roses are inexpensive chocolates and are an extremely common gift on Mother’s Day and sell well throughout the Christmas period. They are available in tins, boxes or jars and currently contain 10 different varieties of chocolate:
- Brazilian Darkness – Red wrapper with gold twists.
- Cadbury Dairy Milk – Purple Dairy Milk wrapper.
- Caramel – Blue wrapped.
- Caramel Velvet – Green foil wrapped.
- Country Fudge – Log shaped gold wrapper.
- Caramel Keg – Half-Barrel shaped, gold wrapper.
- Hazel in Caramel – Purple wrapper
- Hazel Whirl – Purple wrapper with orange twists.
- Strawberry Dream – Pink foil wrapped.
- Tangy Orange Creme – Square shaped, wrapped in orange foil.

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