British Easter Treats


You know when Easter is coming up as you see such things like Easter bunnies, Easter flowers, Easter eggs and Easter baskets popping up in stores and markets. But lets be honest it’s the Easter candy that sweet fanatics crave at this time of year and most notably the British candy that is produced by Cadburys.

The Cadbury Creme Egg is one item that only gets produced around Easter time, along with Cadbury’s Mini Eggs. I don’t know if it’s because they are only available at certain times of year that makes them especially delicious, but I always jump at the chance whenever I see these two items for sale. Cadbury’s Mini Eggs with there crisp sugar coated shells and worldly Cadbury chocolate centers are an item that you have to stop yourself from eating all at once. The same goes for the Cadbury Creme Eggs with their thick chocolate shell and gooey fondant creme centers, they seem such a treat even for adults. The creme eggs have become the biggest selling confectionery in the UK between New Year and Easter, selling around 200 million items, which goes to show how popular they are. The Cadbury Mini Eggs have been around since 1967 and are usually sold around Christmas and Easter time, although in Canada they are available year round!

This year there are a few different varieties of Creme Egg’s readily available, an orange filling and a caramel filling which I have both tried and are very good. There are even more varieties out their including mint chocolate, white chocolate shells, jaffa eggs which are dark chocolate shell with a orange filling and even berry eggs with a berry favor filling. However, I don’t think you can top the original.

Whatever your favorite Candy is around this time of year, make sure you enjoy it while stocks last! Be sure to check out our Candy Store where you will find all your favorite British Candy.

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