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Candy Store Recipe – Chocolate & Banana Bread And Butter Pudding

Bread and butter pudding is a British dessert that is simple to make and easily customizable and above all tasty. The origins date back to the early 1700′s Britain when a simple dessert dish of bread, raisins and either bone marrow or butter would be used to make what was then called ‘whitepot’. Later on, [...]


Candy Store Recipe – Cadbury Flake Cheesecake

Cadbury’s Flakes are great on there own but why not try adding them to a cheesecake for a taste sensation. You can stock up with Flakes and the Digestive Biscuits needed for the recipe in our store here and we hope you enjoy this sweet treat. Preparation Time 1 hour Cooking Time 10 mins Ingredients: [...]


Candy Store Recipe – Bournville American Fudge Cake

Hi Everyone, welcome to our first recipe of the week.  All of our recipes will involve British Chocolate or biscuits to make a delicious treat and that you can buy right here from our store. For our first recipe we are making a delicious American Fudge Cake using Cadbury’s Bournville chocolate. Preparation Time  30 Mins Cooking Time   35 Mins Ingredients: 125g (4oz) butter [...]

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